New Campaign Thoughts and Reflections on the Past

Stephen is moving this month, and moving sucks. He will post when he can and should return to his regularly scheduled programming by February. So for now you’ll all have to put up with my crappy writing.

As we start to wind down our campaign, I’ve been thinking about the past and looking towards the future. The party has started to clear up some of the little side quests we left unfinished as we hurtle toward the final BBEG. But we have also started thinking about the next campaign, what our new characters will be, and jotting down notes for our respective backstories. I know Stephen has started to do his prelim work on the next campaign. It’s a completely different story line and the focus will be on a urban setting. I’m looking forward to it.

I have to admit I’m a bit torn. Half of my thinks that its too early to start developing new characters. We have about a month left with our existing characters and I’m excited to see what happens at the end of the story (I’ve been playing a War Cleric). We have pretty interesting end stories going on. Our dwarven barbarian is trying to unite the clans to take on the kingdom that is currently oppressing them. Our gnome wizard bought a bar a while ago and is currently building lodgings next door (and she still hasn’t forgiven me for the Tipsy Mouse review by Nigel St. Nigel). Our other party members also have some detailed end stories but have been more secretive about what will happen. I’m excited to see what happens and how people fade into “retirement”. I have no grand plans. I envision riding off into the sunset, continuing in service of my deity. Nothing exciting but its exactly how I want him go out. I’ve spent a year fleshing him out, nuturing him and watching him grow as I got back into D&D after a 20 year hiatus. He’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

The other half of me is really looking forward to playing something new and exciting. Stephen is open to most homebrew options, so there are a ton of options to choose from. I get that we need to start planning ahead. We are trying to work out some sort of synergy for the new party so that we are well balanced. We’ve really come together as a group and I have no worries that we make it work and that everyone will get to play what they want. We were basically 6 strangers when we started and I consider everyone at the table a friend now. We fight like a family does, but there hasn’t been anything that we haven’t been able to work out, laughed at later and helps us grow as a party. Its been great.

But I think some of people have jumped the gun a little bit with their character creation. I get it. It’s fun to create a new character. The whole world is your oyster and the opportunities for greatness are endless. I just can’t stop feeling like they are missing out on what should be an explosive ending to our year long journey. I know its silly. Everyone is still focused and have fun during our weekly sessions. I probably just need to get over myself and worry about myself and not everyone else. If they are having fun then who am I to pass judgement?

Stephen has been extremely accommodating to both the end game stories and the creation of new characters. He has let us finish all the little things we passed over. I’m amazed at his detailed notes and well developed storylines for everything we have gone back to do. It’s truly a testament to what a great DM he’s been (don’t let it go to your head). He has also scheduled one on one sessions with all of us to discuss your new character and make sure both he and the player are on the same wavelength, especially for those of us that are playing a hombrew class/race. Again, amazing.

One of the best things I think he has done is sent out a note to us all about backstory. While a detailed back story helps him create an exciting campaign with story lines that can work in everyone’s past, he let us know that we should also limit where we came from. Not everyone gets to be the heir to the throne who has been cast out be his evil brother and rightfully denied the throne (we had that story line this campaign and it has been super fun). Not everyone’s life is that interesting. It’s like when people talk about who they were in a past life. Why is everyone Napoleon or a great pharaoh of Egypt? How come no one is ever just a simple Roman soldier that died of the plague? We will all become super heroes by the end of the campaign. lets not start off that way.

All in all, it’s been a fun ride…and I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

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