Dump Stat is from the odd minds of two dudes, Chris & Stephen, who swear that they must have dumped Intelligence during character creation at birth. Chris has been playing and DMing DnD off and on for the past 30 years, and Stephen has a solid 2 years under his belt.

We strive to create compelling adventures that are easy and fun for the DM to run. Please share to all your friends because we are insecure about ourselves and need outside approval from strangers on the internet.

No INT Here

Deep Dives, Rewinds and other content, oh my! Chris & Stephen research through the past editions of DnD on specific things like Spells, Items, or Monsters. Every other Thursday, check back and see what new information we have to share!

The GM Is Always Right

At least, that’s what Stephen tells himself late at night to help him sleep. Every Monday, Stephen talks about his experience GMing, and different tools he has created to ensure that his games are a success.

A Player’s Perspective

Sparsely seen, a blog for players by a player. Every Friday, Chris talks about the problems facing players and how he, as a player, sees things from his side of the DM Screen.

No INT Here - The Podcast

Chris and Stephen take to the mics and talk candidly about all things at the table including houserules, homebrews and perspectives on why things are the way they are. They occasionally will review the campy and cheesy fantasy movies that helped guide them into the nerds they are today. They release a new episode every other Thursday, alternating with the No INT Here blog.


One of the goals for Dump Stat is creating free adventures for DnD 5e. Every few months we will release a new adventure on the DMs Guild.

Stephen is also working on a pet campaign of his, a high seas adventure exploring an uncharted archipelago where the players discover lost islands and fascinating creatures.